Direct Selling, the leading company of cosmetics and face care products in Lebanon, is founded by Sandy Younan in 2015. It has five main brands: Gemology, Tommy G, BeeslinePro, Helios and EB essentials beauty.

Gemology, the French brand, is the science of precious stones, extracts all the essentials minerals from gems to contribute in its products for a proven effectiveness for all skin types.

Tommy G, the Greek brand, makes all the cosmetic and medical care products from face, body, hair care, to perfumes.

BeeslinePro, are the specialists in treatments specially developed for spas and beauty institutes. All of their products are made of freshly extracted bio-available active naturals.

Helios, based in New York, is a new professional nail brand, all of their products are based on scientific advancements and experts research with special look to the details.

EB essentials beauty, the brand founded by Direct Selling, searches for the most trending products from all over the world, and offers them in the highest quality and most affordable prices.